Daily rates (effective October 1st, 2019*):
1 dog  - 27$        Miniatures (under 8 pounds): 1 dog  - 23$
2 dogs - 44$                                     2 dogs - 38$
3 dogs - 58$                                     3 dogs - 52$
Daycare (same day pickup) - $23

Please note that you are required to bring food for your pet(s). Please
bring sufficient quantities to accommodate their appetites given the prolonged
activity they experience during their stay with us.  Charges will apply should
we have to supply their food. Thank You!

Our rates include:
-an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and thirty minutes of playtime,
 morning and evenings, within 2 acres of fenced in play area
-playard has kiddie pools, plenty of fresh water, grass and trees, paths
 to explore, various toys, and lots of running room
-each indoor run has an adjacent outdoor run of the same size, which is
 accessible by a doggie door 24 hours a day
-the kennel is heated and air conditioned
-dispensing of medication is included
-bedding is provided, although you may bring your own

Daily rates for cats:
1 cat  - 18$
2 cats - 26$

The drop-off and pick-up day rates are calculated as follows:
- Drop-off in the morning will be charged for a full day, drop-off at night charged for half a day
- Pick-up in the morning will be charged for a half day, pick-up at night charged for a full day
- An overnight stay of 24 hours or less will count for 1 day only

-All prices listed do not include HST.
-Prices are per run or cat condo.

* Ask us about our pick up and delivery service.